SWIZZ BEATS - Bonkers Lyrics

Swizz Beatz - Bonkers Lyrics

listen to the beat, beat!
get upon the feet, feet!
the party starts now, now, now,
..cause i can’t get it,
i wanna put your hand on cause i make the meals,
..tell me how it feels!..
god damn nigger is all you got?
god damn nigger, is all you want?
tell me i’m a dog, i’m on the hood,
make me wanna step ... i’m back, back, i get it up!
paper, paper, i’m stacking, stacking,
..see me with that...
got a .. but it’s red dough,
..till the air go,
let me see you...
i’m off in vegas, throwing chips,
let me see you nigger...
let me see you, it’s all you get,
god damn, i ain’t...
back, back, and.. on the game,..
call me... on my dream, now,
..let you see me now,
god damn, we gonna play it...
seven five seven ..about thirteen hours on it,
got a... checking this trusted...
..is looking cool,
..away from school,
i have my hood green and street knowledge,
.... i ain’t do it this way,
i’mma do this on my way!
work on.. is not an option,
sitting on a line is not an option,
..is like my option,
came back, god damn, going shopping.
buy off the dough, buy off the drinks,
we don’t give a fuck...
..that’s what you can get though!
.. you have a problem see me now!
you have a problem, see me now!
you wanna battle with the beast, you can get it now,
got a .. i’ll kick your head,
..and rip of the ass!
see me dog, ..
... i don’t care if you see me,
..got a wife on my side, nigger oh, no!
that’ oh, oh!
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