Thousands of Pieces- Markki Stroem Mp3 and Lyrics

Thousands of Pieces

Composer: Markki Stroem
Arranger: 4 Will Drive Band and Markki Stroem
Director: Carlo Alvarez
Cinematographer: Takeyuki Onishi
Actors: Alodia Gosiengfiao, Slater Young and Gerry Sy
Post-production: Enigma
Drums: Erlon Medina
Guitars: Joey Soriano
Bass Guitar: Ninyo Espiritu
Keyboard: Jomar Valera
Recording and Mixing: Marlon Silva
Recording Studio: Studio Z
Publisher: Cornerstone Records

I feel your presence constantly
Like a dark cloud, inside of me
You hold my heart in the palm of your hand
And squeeze out my love it's hard to mend

You've broken the vows of solitude
While you've escaped in the interlude
The sweet memory of your countless kisses
You're breaking me into, thousands of pieces

Thousands of Pieces, and I've no regrets
It's all in my head, now the fantasy's ascended
All of my friends say, I've been taken for granted
I'm back in the dark room, and the keys in your back pocket
Thousands of Pieces, and I've no regrets
It's all in my head, was it all in my head


You've destroyed my chances of loving again,
What you took from me, is hard to mend
The sweet memory of your countless kisses
Shredding my heart into thousands of pieces


Watch you when you sleep,
Wondering what you are dreaming
Wake up in the morning,
I feel what's missing 
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